About us

The Romanian company IMATEX SA presents itself as a competent technology partner for a wide range of products, from single parts production to complete machines assembling.

IMATEX was established in 1948 and privatized in 2003 as a family business. With the takeover of the once state-owned factory, it began an complex restructuring and investment process. Since June 2009, we operate a completely new and modernly furnished establishment  for all engineering specific industries.

The parts, assemblies and machines are produced based on the documentation received from the client. CNC machining, turning, milling, drilling, grinding and slotting can of course be found in our manufacturing routine.

Referring to the machine parc, the newest acquisitions numbers: one CNC machining center Hüller Hille nbh6+, three CNC turning machines GILDEMEISTER CTX and one vertical CNC-machining center Deckel Maho DMC 1035. To add-up, one must mention, for instance, the CNC machining centers (two pieces Hüller Hille Bluestar 5, three pieces Hüller-Hiller nb70, Burkhard+Weber MC80), the CNC turning machines (Mazak QT Nexus 200M 500U, Gildemeister NEF 600), vertical CNC-machining center (wie Deckel-Maho DMC 835), besides conventional machine -tools.


The production program include:

• machined parts

• welded constructions and assemblies

• assemblies and complete machines assembling


These products are manufactured, as already mentioned, according to the client’s specification, from almost all materials. We undertake your tasks and specifications in design and development for the above mentioned production program.

IMATEX carries painting capacities, so that the products can be delivered completely coated, assembled and packed. All these after an compelling intern quality control process, measurement protocols and material certificates 3.1 being sent at any time upon request.

Clientage: prestigious manufacturers  of  machine-tools, grinding, wood processing and packing machines, machines for textile industry, from Germany, Luxemburg, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and USA.